Nice to see you here!

I started blogging in summer 2015, when Bella moved in. Since them I’m telling stories about our everyday life, about how we’re learning tricks and what progresses we made so far.

Besides talking about Bella I started to write about my life with the Black Dog. I’m suffering depression for about 13 years now (well, at least I’m aware of it since then) and I always faced some kind of an enormous lack of understanding by unconcerned people. With writing about it, I want to raise awareness – and I hope I’ll be able to help some people, somehow.

Because of my love for the English language (and to gain some practice in both translation and using WordPess) I decided to translate the whole blog bit by bit. As I’m not a native speaker, I hope you’ll ignore the mistakes I’m going to make or kindly correct them in a comment.

Hope you’ll like it 🙂

Lots of love


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